SAPRFC Version 1.4.1 released
added support for SAP SSO2 (Single Sign On), added saprfc_get_ticket() API function and example script test_sso.php


SAPRFC Version 1.4 released
added support for target SAP Unicode system (include SAP Basis 6.40)


SAPRFC Version 1.3.3 released
added official support for installation saprfc as dynamic module, because compilation saprfc failed under new Linux distribution (for example RH AS 3.0, Fedora Core 3) - reason: librfc.a library from SAP RFCSDK 6.20 is not compatible with glibc 2.3.


SAPRFC Version 1.3.2 released
- fixed warning messages if rfc or function resource passed to API function is not valid
- added new API function saprfc_allow_start_program(), thanks to


SAPRFC Version 1.3.1 released
- added compilation and build support for PHP 5
- fixed a lot of E_NOTICE messages and added support for register_globals = off in the saprfc_test.php script


SAPRFC Version 1.3 released
- fixed bug in the handling of optional import parameters


SAPRFC Version 1.2.1 released
- fixed discovering function interface using saprfc_function_discover() if target SAP release is 6.10.


SAPRFC Version 1.2 released
- fixed API function saprfc_exception(). This function is public and works now...


SAPRFC Version 1.1 released
Determination of offset position for structure fields in the internal buffer was changed. Instead of computation from field data type and it position in the structure, is offset set from OFFSET value returned by RFC_GET_FUNCTION_INTERFACE_P (in the saprfc_function_discover()). This change solve data corruption problem for parameters or tables that has structure that includes other structure, e.g. like table MARA. The API for function saprfc_function_define() and saprfc_function_interface() was a little changed, but it's backward compatible. The item "offset" was added to the field definition. If this item is not set, old method for offset determination is used.


SAPRFC Version 1.0.3 released
- added possibility don't remove spaces from end of CHAR types. More info in Changelog.


SAPRFC Version 1.0.2 released
- fixed bug in the initialization of internal buffer for RAW data type


SAPRFC Version 1.0.1 released
- improved discovering of the interface parameters for SAP 4.6 (saprfc_function_discover()). More info in ChangeLog file.
- added support for building dynamic module linked against shared library under Linux


Binary RPM package for RedHat Linux 7.2 released

Installation steps:

  1. Extract library from RFCMTSL.CAR (on Test-Drive for on Linux, Basis R/3 4.6B CD) into /usr/lib directory.
  2. Install saprfc extension using command: rpm -iv php-saprfc-4.0.6-7.i386.rpm --nodeps
  3. Add line "" into /etc/php.ini
  4. Enter at least the services
    sapdp00 3200/tcp
    sapgw00 3300/tcp
    sapgw00s 4800/tcp
    sapms 3600/tcp
    to the file /etc/services, with = SAP System ID to which you want to connect. If you use a systemnumber different from 00 replace the 00 above with your systemnumber


SAPRFC Version 1.0 released
- this is stable release suitable for productive enviroments
- fixed memory leak bug in the saprfc_server_dispatch()
- free memory allocated for global variables (used internally in saprfc_trfc_*)
- added compile time macro for debugging of the memory managment of the RFC library
- fixed incorrect transaction ID string returned by saprfc_trfc_tid()
- added sapclasses package for object oriented access to the SAPRFC API functions
- fixed: trfcserv.php, saprfc_test.php


SAPRFC Version 0.10 released
- added support for transactional RFC (tRFC)
  - saprfc_trfc_call() Calls a function module in R/3 indirectly
  - saprfc_trfc_tid() Gets a transaction-ID for a following call of a function module
  - saprfc_trfc_install() Install functions to control transaction behaviour
  - saprfc_trfc_dispatch() alias to saprfc_server_dispatch()
- improvements in the SAPRFC SERVER API
  - saprfc_set_trace() Activate/deactivate the RFC trace
  - saprfc_function_name() Gets the name of the function module
  - saprfc_server_register_check() Checks server registration at a SAP Gateway
  - saprfc_server_register_cancel() Cancel server registration at a SAP Gateway
- added the new API documentation to saprfc.html
- changed behaviour of the saprfc_server_dispatch() , don't handle system call (RFC_PING, tRFC,...) internally, but return immediate with SAPRFC_OK after dispatch one call.
- fixed memory hole in the saprfc_server_dispatch(), cleanup internal tables for called function modules
- added support for PHP 4.1.0 (TSRM changes)
- added INSTALL.hints, trfcserv.php (tRFC server example)


SAPRFC Version 0.9.1 released
- improvements in the function saprfc_function_discover()
  - added detection of version remote SAP R/3 (using RFC_SYSTEM_INFO)
  - added support for SAP Rel 3.x (thanks to Harmut Schulze-Velmede)
  - added detection of the optional parameters for SAP Rel.46 and above
  - fixed bug in the initialization of optional parameters
- fixed compilation bug with IBM-C-Compiler (under AIX 4.3) - C++ comments removed
- extented debug info output in saprfc_function_debug_info() (added the version remote SAP and optional parameters info)


SAPRFC Version 0.9 released
- upgrade from previous versions strongly recommended
- fixed data corruption bug if structure contains INT or FLOAT data types on position not divisible by 2 (INT2), 4 (INT4), 8 (FLOAT)
- fixed core dump bug if import/export parametr is the simple structure with one member only
- fixed memory leak in interface routines
- fixed bugs in the saprfc_test.php (internal table filling, simple structure bug)
- added support for ZEND API change (module version) in upcoming PHP 4.1.0
- extented debug info output in saprfc_function_debug_info() (added position of structure member and size internal buffers for structures)


SAPRFC Version 0.8.1 released
- added SAPRFC class for easy access to SAPRFC API (written by Lars Laegner)
- fixed compilation errors with RFCSDK < 4.6D
- fixed CSS problem with saprfc_test.php under Netscape


License changed from GPL to PHP license.


SAPRFC Version 0.8 released.